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June 13, 2012 at 4:55 PM

We offer a range of training courses, here's a sample of the Social Media course on offer. All of these course are hands on ... we hope your not afraid to get stuck in and get your hands dirty.

Topics covered

Level 1 Courses – beginner

The beginner course is suited for  business owners and managers who are new to social media and are unsure where to start . The course is designed to demystify social media marketing for those unsure and uncomfortable about it! After attending either course, you’ll feel confident enough to develop an actionable social media strategy. More importantly, you’ll know how this translates to real results for your business or organisation, be that a growth in sales or increased brand awareness.

Level 2 Course – intermediate

The level 2 course is for those who want to devoting a little more time to promoting an organisation and engaging with new and existing customers via Social Media (eg. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) but have little experience of the key platforms. This is very much a hands on course, ‘bring-your-own-laptop’ and we'll show you how to use the main social networking platforms to grow and market your business.

The aims of this couse is to provide you with the key skills to work with the social media platforms. We will encourage you to continue developing these skills by showing you just what is possible. 

Level 3 Course – advanced

This course is for experienced social media practitioners who have mastered the tools of the trade: blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook but now need to monitor the results of their social media activity in a more manageable manner. We show you how to monitor social media for mentions of your brand or brand keywords and how to use customer intelligence gleaned in this way to grow and market your business or organisation.



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